Saturday 18th 2012

Saturday 18th February, 2012

Rooms B05, 217 & G04 Chadwick Building, Gower Street, University College London, WC1E 6BT

The Saturday Programme once again consists of three separate streams which attendees are invited to move back and forth between:

(1) The main Summit talks in Room B05 in the Chadwick Building, as indicated in the Morning Talks & Afternoon Talks column below.

(2) The Hackday Workshops in Room 217 in the Chadwick Building.

(3) The Hackday Open Space is in Room G04, allowing participants to roll up their sleeves and start working together on any of the Challenges that have been set or ideas that have emerged.

9:00 Arrival & Registration in G04 area in the Chadwick Building, University College London 
 First Morning Talks: Open Science (Chadwick B05)

Workshops (Chadwick 217)

Hackday Open Space (Chadwick G04)

10:00 Open Knowledge and science – Rufus Pollock, co-founder of Open Knowledge Foundation (OKF) 10:00 Datalogging from Scratch – Tom Igoe, Arduino. An introduction to data collection using a microcontroller, sensors, & SD cards.
10:20 Open science: Panel discussion – Legal concerns for online collaborators -  Diane Cabell, Oxford eResearch Centre, Creative Commons and iCommons  - Dr. Prodromos Tsiavos , LSE Department of Management
10:50 Crowd sourced mapping: Panel discussion - Crowd sourced mapping for natural and man-made disastersJean-Christophe Plantin, Université de Technologie de Compiègne;Yang Ishigaki,; Nicolas Maisonneuve, Geneva University
11:20 Coffee / Tea Break (20 mins)
Second Morning Talks: Ecological citizen science (Chadwick B05)
11:40  Saving Seahorses with Citizen Science, Sarah Foster

11:40 Public Laboratory Thermal Flashlight - Shannon Dosemagen and Sara Wylie

Hackday Open Space (Chadwick G04)

12:00 iBats: Using smart phones and citizen networks to globally monitor bats Kate Jones, Zoological Society of London

12:20 Lunch Break  (50 mins)

First Afternoon Talks: Community monitoring

Hackday Open Space (Chadwick G04)

13:00 Citizen Sensor Joe Saavedra, creator of Citizen Sensor
13:20 Weather SenseBox for Schools – Thomas Bartoschek, Institute for Geoinformatics, University of Münster.
13:40 EveryAware Sensor box – Bart Elen , VITO and Stefano Ingarra, ISI Foundation
14:00 XTribe general purpose web-based platform for social computation – Pietro Gravino, university of Rome
14:20 DontFlushMe – helping New York City residents reduce the amount of  pollution in the harbour - Leif Percifield, creator of
14:40 Volunteer Desktop Grids help each other: the IDGF experience - Ad Emmen, AlmereGrid
15:00 Coffee / Tea Break (20 mins)
15:20 Infrastructure for Noise Montoring application in EveryAware- Jurgen Muller, University of Kassel 15:00 Datalogging from Scratch – check-in from the field- Tom Igoe
16:00 X-Tribe Tutorial: how to implement a web multiplayer game - Pietro Gravino & Saverio Caminiti, Sapienza University, Rome

Wilkins Building, North Cloisters, UCL

17:00 Hackday Show & Tell in the Wilkins North Cloisters

18:00 Close of Summit and Reception, sponsored by Pachube