The Hack Day

Introducing the Hack Day

With so many inspirational examples of citizen science in action across many fields, plenty of emerging hardware and software tools that offer flexibility as well as fresh solutions, and plenty of juicy challenges just waiting to be tackled – all the right elements are in place for a brilliant Hack Day.

You don’t have to be ‘Hacker’ to join – technical skills of any kind are most welcome of course, but experience in the field, subject matter expertise, and a completely fresh take on the problem are highly valued as well.

The idea is to pool all of the fantastic brain-power and skill-sets that the Summit never fails to bring together, and harness it for some creative problem-solving.

There will be a Show & Tell at the end of the day, with an audience vote and some fun prizes, but really it’s all about accomplishing some truly cool stuff when we put our heads together and roll up our sleeves to get the job done.

So how does it work?

Throughout the 3 days there are a wide range of hands-on workshops to inspire and equip you to tackle the Hack Day Challenges on Saturday in the Open Space.

Check out the Challenges posted online to start having a think about how you might approach them, and which you one(s) you might like to get involved in.

Saturday 9:00 Launch

Saturday will start with the launch of the Hack Day in the G04 Open Space in the UCL Chadwick Building, at 9:00. This is your chance to hear a bit more from each of the Challenge leaders before you start sitting in on the various related workshop sessions. If you’ve got an idea of your own that you’d like to invite people to work on with you – this is your chance to pitch!

Throughout Saturday morning we’ll have a working group list posted (both online and on paper), so that you can shout out for any additional skills, insight, or team-members that you are working for to take your idea further.

There will also be some ‘Idea Generation Facilitators’ on hand, so that if you find yourself with a group of like-minded folk who are passionate about tackling a particular challenge, but don’t know where to begin, we can give you a bit of a kick start.

Share your ideas and dive in

Please join the conversation at the Challenge tables that you are interested in, but feel free to move on to other tables as well. Levels of involvement range from sharing your insights and expertise to aid idea generation, forming teams to develop an idea further, or getting stuck into some code to whip up a bit of a prototype.

The structure is free flowing and open so that anyone can roam around, dip in and out of workshops, or dig in for a full day of idea development.

Show & Tell at 4:00

As we near the end of the afternoon, facilitators will come by to encourage you to start preparing something that you can show about what you’ve been working on. This can range from a pitch for an idea, to a hand-draw mock-up, or even something that you’ve actually built.

At 4:00 we’ll move over to B05 for the Show & Tell.  This involves sharing what you’ve worked on with the Audience, and then we’ll take an auditory Audience vote with our handy-dandy noise monitors. The loudest round of applause will be rewarded with some fun little prizes from the Public Lab store.

Foldable Mini Spectrometer

Infragram Filter Pack