The SynBio4All Challenge

Help us brainstorm groundbreaking synbio ideas for our new citizen science platform.

At the CRI, we are developing a learning through research platform where  citizen scientists can learn about synthetic biology by participating in crowdsourcing projects.

Synthetic biology is an emerging interdisciplinary scientific discipline, which applies engineering principles to biological systems by using the genetic blueprints from biology to design and build new useful biological devices. By opening up synthetic biology to citizen scientist, we will be able to harness the collective abilities of the crowd to move the research in new and exciting directions, by having the citizens direct every stage of the research process.

Challenge: To come up with interesting and novel synthetic biology research ideas!
If you’d like to help us out, come over to our table at the hack day after the pitch session. We’ll be giving a crash course in synthetic biology. After that, it’s up to you to  brainstorm some cool  ideas. We’ll put the best ideas on our platform, so you can sign up and turn your idea into reality. And there will also be some surprises on the day for the best ideas.
To find out more about us, please visit us at
You can also find us on twitter at #SynBio4all

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