The Gather Challenge

Build a Mobile Citizen Science App using Gather.

The challenge is to create an app which is fun and “sticky” inspiring some crowd of enthusiasts to use it whenever the opportunity arises. The best ones can even be launched on Google Play and be live campaigns!


Gather is a platform which lets any project design its own mobile app tool, with no programming required.

Your customized app then enables anyone to simply and easily contribute structured data reports to a database that can then be shared, published and visualized. No programming is required, but the setup does require some effort – kind of like creating a blog or wordpress page.

Gather is flexible, it can be used to swiftly create an Android app that allows anyone to report results in a structured and efficient way. But with a little creativity Gather-based apps can also be fun to use and inspire contributions.

The challenge therefore is to create an app which not only gets good data, but also inspires some crowd of enthusiasts to use it whenever the opportunity arises.

We look forward to seeing what you can do with the platform.

Challenge #1:

Human secrets: feelings and fantasies.

Quantified self devices are proliferating, but steps and sleep is just one side of the story. Why not create a Gather app that monitors and maps something about peoples internal life? What do they think about on the loo? How often and where do they fantasize and daydream? what is the content of their dreams and fantasies?

Challenge #2:

Nature at home.

Everybody has insects and other life in their homes, but what species of ants, flies, and other creepy crawlies are out there sharing our homes as their habitats? Gather can be set up to let curious citizen scientists log these creatures and collect data about their numbers, locations, and behavior.

Challenge #3:

Your own citizen science project or idea.

Do you have a project where you would love to distribute your own dedicated app that can be used by all participants?


email us at to be sent a login and password to use the Gather system. You will then be sent the application and some instructions on how to start creating your own app for your citizen science campaign.

Remember, Gather is not yet iPhone compatible, so sorry but you need to be an Android user to work with the system at the moment.
In your email please write “gather challenge” in the header, and include:

1. Your Name

2. Your organization

3. Your Skype contact