SciStarter Dashboard Challenge

Help us design a dashboard for Citizen Science.

The diverse ecosystem of citizen science projects on the Web requires an equally robust set of unique logins for each site. Because of this, citizen scientists participating in multiple projects have no way to manage identity across sites, track contributions, or set goals.

It’s high time we focus on the experience of the volunteers who are driving citizen science forward and we need your help.

During this challenge, we will explore ways to improve the experience for participants who want to move between different projects running on different platforms. Help SciStarter and friends design the first-of-its-kind citizen science dashboard to help participants find, get involved in, and track contributions to projects across multiple platforms.

Drop by our table for some ideas about how to get started with the challenge.

This challenge is being run by Darlene Cavalier, Jonathan Brier, and Lily Bui from SciStarter, and Lucas Blair from Little Bird Games.