Pulse Sensor Textile Challenge

Help us build an application for measuring responses to tactile experiences.

Emotion Mapping and Textiles is a project to measure the impact of textiles on our emotions. Our hypothesis is that tactile experience has an impact on emotional state (intensify or calm) and that emotional response to textile can therefore be measured. We also think that memories may evoke emotions and create different responses to textiles. In this challenge, we’d like to create methods and tools for gathering data and testing results, which could then be used for new creations.

We’d like you to help us with your thoughts and ideas. We’re hoping you can come up with new ideas of how to explore emotions and body reactions, inspired by personal experiences. With this project we can open up boundaries of science and design and create something new.

What we’ll do:

A second challenge would be to 3D-print the structure to create a mould that can be used to shape flat fabrics into the structure that is wanted. In the group it could be analysed which surface structure evokes which emotional response with the test person and on which body parts is it experienced most intensely.
Fabric could be shaped and a garment could be created with various surface structures that have either a calming effect or a stimulating effect. The moulding would allow the use of light, woven fabrics, instead of knitted fabrics. The realisation of the shaping of fabric will be a project that follows the Arduino+Pulse Sensor research, but simple shaping could probably be realised.

Drop by our table to learn more about the challenge and the project. At the challenge we will present how the Pulse Sensor can be connected to a breadboard with leds that blink in your heart rate. It will be even more exciting to make the Pulse Sensor portable and connect it to an XBee wifi shield or an Arduino Wifi+SD Shield and collect data while we are moving.