NeoCodex Open Law Challenge

Help us make the law truly public.

NeoCodex is building a database of law and legal documents that will be free and open to contributions and usage by practitioners and laymen alike. We need your help in getting the data onto the web, refining it, and visualising it in ways that are meaningful to users.

Challenge #1: Crowdsourcing the law.

The Open Law Index, which is run in collaboration with the Open Knowledge Foundation, only covers a selection of international courts, but the plan is to expand its coverage to include all local, national and international courts and tribunals. This is, however, a vast field, with many local variations in data and structure depending on country and region. Help us brainstorm crowdsourcing methods for data acquisition and refinement which can work at an international/transnational level.

Challenge #2: Social Media and the law

Help us come up with ideas for visualising the impact of the law via social media and geo-hacking. The geographical and social impact of legal policies and decisions are often hard to visualise if the only source of information is the legal corpus itself. Help us to create new methods for visualising this impact via social graphs and geolocation, so that visitors to the database can easily find the law that is relevant to them.

There is much scope for research in social networks and justice, in trying to find out correlations between the networks someone is a member of and the likelihood of, say, being convicted, etc; big data generated by social media activity could also be used as a predictor for criminality and/or reoffend. Although we are not working on this at the moment, it’s quite a fascinating topic of research.