CitizenGrid Challenge

CitizenGrid is a platform for hosting cyberscience applications created by scientists and making them available to the general public. It’s being developed by the London e-Science Centre at Imperial College as part of Citizen Cyberlab. If you’d like to get an idea of Citizengrid’s possibilities, you can have a look at our demo video.



For this challenge, we’d like you to design your ideal CitizenGrid search.

It could be a questionnaire, a search engine etc., just something that would help users find projects they’d be interested in as quickly/efficiently as possible. You’ll need to decide what is most important when a user picks a project: subject area, activity type (eg. passive volunteer computing or active gaming), project size, project popularity, and so on.

Additionally, you could consider details about the person performing the search. For example,  if a new user looks for a project to join, the system might promote projects which have a high subscription/success rate with new users or that are specific to a user’s demographic. We’ve provided  a spreadsheet with a list of typical CitizenGrid applications and some information about each one, but if you think there are fields missing that would be useful, then feel free to include them in your design. For example, maybe users would want to choose projects based on which institution runs them or how many participants have already joined the project.

Drop by our table at the hack day for a tour of the project and some inspiration.