UCL Mapping for Change Hackathon

Following on from the Summit, UCL will be hosting a 3 day Hackthon from the 24th to the 26th of February.

Community Maps, developed by Mapping for Change and UCL, is a mapping platform that allows many to map what interests them and be a part of the decision making process. From mapping dog fouling incidences in Poland to identifying grass roots climate action initiatives in the United Kingdom, Community Maps is helping people make a difference in their local areas. After 7 years of running on the same code base, it was decided that the platform needed to be rebuilt from the ground up, utilising current technologies, to ensure its robustness and continued longevity.

Following the Citizen Cyberscience Summit we invite interested developers for a three-day hackathon to get their hands on the a first prototype of the new Community Maps, to develop ideas for integration with other platforms and to discuss ideas the next generation of participatory mapping.

Limited funding opportunities to cover travel expenses will be available upon request.