Mapping for Change

Mapping for Change specialises in work on involving local communities in changing, developing or sustaining their environment and in helping them make the links between their local problems and bigger national and global issues through the application of mapping. The social enterprise provides participatory mapping services and designs citizen science methodologies for communities, voluntary sector organisations, and local authorities using a suite of innovative tools for communication. Their work has a strong focus on engaging and empowering communities and their aim is to develop local mapping to give community and public organisations access to maps and knowledge gathering techniques that will help them change and improve their environments.

Founded in 2008, the organisation is built on over a decade worth of experience, from its foundling organisations, University College London and London 21 Sustainability network, in working with community groups, in a participatory capacity, on environmental issues. Mapping for Change’s research and development is centred on providing easily applicable data collection methodologies, interactive mapping tools and interface design, and knowledge creation processes to expand end-user utility and widen the number of citizens engaging in policy related discussions.