Create your own Project with PyBossa

It is not just computer power that is being harnessed by Citizen Science projects, but human brainpower too. Volunteer thinking or distributed thinking is represented by various projects such as Stardust@Home,GalaxyZoo and FoldIt, where the collective efforts of citizen cyberscientists are helping to solve many global research problems. Humans can carry out tasks that are usually unsuitable or extremely difficult for computers such as pattern recognition, proofreading and certain types of error checking.(credit: e-Science City)

The open source PyBossa platform that the Citizen Cyberscience Centre has developed with the Open Knowledge Foundation allows you to create your own volunteer-thinking project easily and quickly

Do you have a project where you need human collaboration? Humans are very capable of reading handwritting, identifying objects in pictures, doing transcriptions, thinking in 3D, collaborating, etc. For instance, if we ask a person if he can see a human in a photo it will be easy to answer, but it could be complicated for an algorithm.

PyBossa is an open source framework based on Python (remember: batteries included!) that gives you the chance to create a volunteer thinking project very easily. The framework provides a demo application where we ask a simple question such as “do you see a human in this photo?” The user can answer yes, no or I don’t know. Check the demo site or the following video to see how it works!